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What is the difference between the Certified Instructor and Specialty Discipline Instructor applications?

Applicants for Certified Instructor must have at minimum, a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited institution in Early Childhood Education (ECE) or Child Development; or a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Ed, including 18 ECE credits or a related field including 30 ECE credits or an un-related field including ECE Certification as defined on Level VI of Pennsylvania’s Career Lattice.  (For SACC instructors and consultants, credits may be in Elementary Education.) 

 Application for Specialty Discipline Instructor is intended for, individuals who do not have early childhood/school-age educational backgrounds but have important information to share (e.g., nurses, accountants, lawyers).  These individuals possess a minimum Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution. Also, Individuals with a professional license or other type of recognized credential. (A minimum of a high school diploma accepted in certain circumstances).

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